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“Doctor Bob’s” Blog
Doctor Bob's Blog
August 2017 issue

In This Issue…
~ Bob’s Desk: Welcome aboard!
~ Author Websites: Do all roads lead to Amazon?
~ Bob’s Spotlight: Stories from the U.S. Navy: II. Friendly Fire
~ Quote of the Month
~ Coming in September

Bob’s Desk -

Welcome, everyone to my inaugural blog! Before we go any further please know that our newsbyte monthly newsletter is not affiliated with the United States Navy in any way. My Blog a private enterprise, a no-cost to the subscriber newsletter published by Bob Stockton each month that provides information about the independent publishing sphere - and other tidbits – for my subscribers.

My involvement with bringing my novels to the reader has been from the writing and contracting end since 2009, having written eight novels. I have contracted with three publishing entities since then to bring my books to life. I will be sharing a few anecdotes, some humorous and some aggravating, with you in the coming months.

Oh, by the way, did you know that August 4th is “International Beer Day?” Happy celebration!

Let’s begin!

Author Websites: Do all roads lead to Amazon?

Not quite. Granted that Jeff Bezos seems to have his finger in just about every pie these days, there are a few areas where the indie author can build – or purchase – a website without sending the author’s reader to the Amazon labyrinth. Below are three options with examples for author websites that I currently employ:
contract or build a website that offers the customer/surfer buying options. This option provides alternatives for purchase through a variety of on-line booksellers, the two major on-line booksellers being Amazon and Barnes & Noble. At these sites, the customer can choose whether to buy a hardcover or softcover copy, or if an e-book is preferred they can download a copy via Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook. The site can also offer the reader an option to purchase a personalized and autographed copy from the author’s personal inventory. I find that the best method for this option is to provide a page button to my PayPal account where the customer can make payment and provide a shipping address. Bob Kalnes at Ameriweb Hosting has done an amazing job of designing and hosting my site.


Publisher-packaged websites as part of the contracted publishing agreement.

The most recent five of my eight books have been published using the services of an Indianapolis-based firm, Dog Ear Publishing (and they have the inside track on number nine). When I speak with their rep I always contract for a publishing package that includes a website design and e-book distribution. You’d be surprised at the number of e-book sellers that are out there in cyber-space. There are dozens of them. As three of my five books are the Vietnam trilogy I asked the designer, Matt Murry to link them to the same page, provide a link for purchase, build a blog page, provide an excerpt from each book and have a section for my bio. I think he’s done a great job, don’t you?



Convenience sites linked to an on-line bookseller. If you recall my earlier remark re Jeff Bezos, then you won’t be surprised when I tell you that he has a San Francisco based subsidiary, Goodreads.com. The author can build a page at no cost. If you are into the current reader trends then Goodreads is the place for you. It is free, comprehensive and linked to Amazon. It is also highly competitive in certain genres. You’d better be on your game here.




Bob’s Spotlight: Stories from the U.S. Navy: II. Friendly Fire

“Friendly Fire” is the second novella in my 400+ page Vietnam trilogy. All three novellas are written around a single protagonist, Radarman Zach Martin. Here, Martin has orders to an aging destroyer escort in Newport, Rhode Island that has been converted to conduct interdiction patrols in the waters off the Indo-Chinese peninsula. The war is heating up and Martin is itching to get into a combat situation. He feels that his orders to the aging destroyer escort USS Stroud will provide him with just such an opportunity. During the transit to Southeast Asia Martin and his crew are faced with exciting and dangerous events which occur during the long voyage, including a violent storm that puts his ship in extremis. What Martin doesn’t know is that his commanding officer, Lieutenant-Commander Armbruster, is itching for a promotion and is scheming to find a way to separate himself from his peers and command a larger combat ship.

Will Armbruster’s desire for promotion place his ship and crew in mortal danger? That is the million-dollar question.

Quote of the Month
“The optimist feels that this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist is afraid that the optimist is right.” Commander Burton Wright, U.S. Navy, retired.

Coming in September

Bob’s Desk: Mickey Haller is no Perry Mason, Will the “damsel in distress” please go away, Highlights from my four-day visit to San Francisco, Bob’s Author Spotlight, Quote of the Month and anything else that may creep into my mind between now and then. See you again in September!

Bob Stockton, Chief Petty Officer, Vietnam Veteran, U.S. Navy, retired


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Counting Coup

"I just finished reading Bob Stockton’s latest book, Stories from the U.S. Navy: II. Friendly Fire. I’ve read everything Bob has published, and this is his best work yet!
If you ever served in the military, particularly the navy during the Vietnam era, this is a must-read. I spent my Navy career on Atlantic-based ships, and never made a Western Pacific (WestPac) cruise. By the luck of the draw, I never got to serve in the Vietnam war. After my seven Mediterranean cruises, many northern Atlantic operations, and an uncountable number of Caribbean cruises, I always felt that I was missing something when I heard my shipmates discuss their trips to WestPac. Reading Chief Stockton’s Stories from the U.S. Navy: II. Friendly Fire, I felt like I was back in the destroyer navy, and finally doing a WestPac cruise. Bob actually made me feel like I was there.
I give Stories from the U.S. Navy: II. Friendly Fire my highest recommendation!
-Allen F.