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Retired Navy Author Bob Stockton
Bob Stockton, 2015

The Third Tour by Bob Stockton, C.P.O., U.S. Navy
The Third Tour
by Bob Stockton, C.P.O., U.S. Navy

ISBN: 978-1-4575-5392-9

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“Help me, Marty, Help me.”

Radarman First Class Zack Martin’s physical wounds that were inflicted when his ship was attacked by friendly aircraft while on patrol in Vietnam have healed. His psychological wounds are another story. Recently, the flashback dreams about his friend Campbell’s mortal wounding from that terrible morning have diminished, but the panic attacks have not. His fiancé Camille is pressuring him to leave the Navy and seek help. To add to his dilemma, word has just recently been received that his new ship, a destroyer, is headed back to combat duty in Vietnam waters.

Martin is reluctant to throw away nearly ten years of his navy career. He must soon decide whether to seek psychiatric help at the Navy Hospital and accept a medical discharge or suppress his fears and sail once again into harm’s way.

In ‘The Third Tour,’ Bob Stockton draws on his personal experiences and more to deliver a fast-paced, action story of Navy combat both on the high seas and along the dangerous brown water rivers of Vietnam, placing the reader directly in the line of enemy fire.

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"I just finished reading Bob Stockton’s latest book, Stories from the U.S. Navy: II. Friendly Fire. I’ve read everything Bob has published, and this is his best work yet!
If you ever served in the military, particularly the navy during the Vietnam era, this is a must-read. I spent my Navy career on Atlantic-based ships, and never made a Western Pacific (WestPac) cruise. By the luck of the draw, I never got to serve in the Vietnam war. After my seven Mediterranean cruises, many northern Atlantic operations, and an uncountable number of Caribbean cruises, I always felt that I was missing something when I heard my shipmates discuss their trips to WestPac. Reading Chief Stockton’s Stories from the U.S. Navy: II. Friendly Fire, I felt like I was back in the destroyer navy, and finally doing a WestPac cruise. Bob actually made me feel like I was there.
I give Stories from the U.S. Navy: II. Friendly Fire my highest recommendation!
-Allen F.